Thursday Morning Book Study resumes January 12

If you don’t already own a copy or haven’t already read Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande, you may want to add it to your list from Santa. Beginning Thursday, January 12, the Thursday Morning Book Study will reconvene and this book will shape our questions and our conversations.

Of this work, Oliver Sacks has written,

We have come to medicalize aging, frailty, and death, treating them as if they were just one more clinical problem to overcome. However it is not only medicine that is needed in one’s declining years but life—a life with meaning, a life as rich and full as possible under the circumstances. Being Mortal is not only wise and deeply moving, it is an essential and insightful book for our times, as one would expect from Atul Gawande, one of our finest physician writers.

The class will work through this book one chapter at a time, so please come to the first class having read at least the introduction and the first chapter. Copies of the book are available through Amazon.