Altar Server Guide–Holy Eucharist Rite II

Excuse yourself from Sunday School (or arrive at the church) promptly at 10:45. Go to the vesting room and put on a white alb and cincture. Light the altar candles, beginning with the gospel (left) side. Then retrieve the Gospel book from the Altar and stand at the double doors of the parlor hallway with the rest of the procession. Please notify one of the acolyte masters if someone is not present.
Processional Hymn
Stand at the rear of the church behind the chalice bearers and before the priest. Process to the front of the church, raising the Word of the Lord high above you and before you. Stand behind the crucifer between the torchbearers and pause. Stand the altar book slightly open on the altar, then return to center outside the rail, facing the altar with the other four acolytes. All five acolytes then reverence the altar together. Step up and stand at your seat on the sermon (right) side of the altar.

Follow the service in your bulletin. Participate in prayers and hymns. Be attentive to the service. You are a leader of worship in church! People are paying attention to you and you are setting an example for children of how to behave.
The Sequence Hymn
When the hymn begins playing after the second reading, retrieve the gospel book. Stand facing the congregation and watch for a signal from the priest or choirmaster. Signal the crucifer, then process, again raising the gospel high overhead. When the crucifer stops, step forward in between the torches and turn, facing the altar. The book (not you) should be between the torches. Hold the book with your hands under it and the top resting against your chest.
After the Gospel is read, step to the side opposite the priest. Once the torches pass, process to the rail behind the crucifer. All acolytes pause before the rail. Go around the crucifer and stand the book on the altar as before, then be seated for the sermon. Listen to the sermon and continue to take active part in the service.
The Offertory Anthem
After the oblation bearers hand the oblations to the priest, allow them to take the offertory plates out of the Alms Basin. Put the Alms Basin back on the credence shelf. Assist the priest in preparing the altar. Hand the priest the flagon containing the water (left side) so that the water can be added to the wine in the chalices. While the priest does this, drape the lavabo towel over your left wrist and hold the lavabo bowl in your lefthand. Take the flagon in your right hand and pour water slowly over the priest’s fingers. Allow the priest to use the lavabo towel. When the anthem is finished, take the Alms Basin and receive the plates from the Ushers. Stand at the corner of the altar and lift the basin high as the congregation says “All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.” Put the basin and plates away on the lower shelf of the credence shelf.
The Holy Communion
Return to your seat after receiving Communion and remain alert. The priest may call on you to assist during Communion.
The Recessional Hymn
When the recessional hymn begins playing, retrieve the gospel book. Stand facing the congregation and watch for a signal from the priest or choirmaster. Signal the crucifer, then process, again raising the gospel high overhead. Process behind the chalice bearers to the rear of the church.

During and after the Recessional, remain at the rear of the church with other acolytes until the final blessing “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!” Reply with the congregation, “Thanks be to God!” Carry the book reverently around the outside of the church. Return to the chancel through the side entrance and place the book on the altar. Retrieve a candle snuffer and extinguish the altar candles, beginning with the sermon (right) side.

Return to the vesting room and hang your vestments back up where they belong.Thank you for serving!